Potential, a Thanksgiving poem

worry less about potential

the world is already a different place because

you are in it

and if you never accomplished a single thing again, not one thing

still, you have laughed like you were jumping into icy water – surprised, pure

which made me laugh

and then we both choked on our laughter, tangled in a web of delight

and I love you for that

still, you have poured your attention into the lonely cracks and crevices of the earth

a cat’s nose, you have admired

quaking aspen trees, golden-yellow in the fall

bamboo plants that barely need any water


and I love you for that

a carnival of wonders all by yourself

no need to prove anything since we both know that joy

has nothing to do with doing

no one asks what’s next for a wind chime or a piece of dark chocolate

and I love you for no reason at all

take a step or don’t

it doesn’t matter

just listen, patiently, until you hear the truth

you are the greatest accomplishment of all

Descriptive Paragraph – The Crash

It was a normal California day. Perfect. Summer lingered on, the sun beaming its warm rays to all corners of the sky. Only the locals, trained to be sensitive to even the slightest shift in weather, could pick out the subtle hints of fall – chillier mornings, a crisp smell in the air, tips of leaves turned golden as though Midas had grazed them with his fingertips. As I drove to Whole Foods to stock up on the week’s fare, I let these slight acknowledgements of autumn take me down memory lane, back to a childhood in the Midwest that included apple trees in the backyard and annual hay rides. How far life has taken me, I thought. Crash! Out of nowhere, a red Prius slammed into me, rudely yanking me from my nostalgic daydream. My body jolted forward, but I gripped the wheel tight, afraid to lose control. The first few seconds after a crash tell you a lot about your personality. In my case, I took a deep breath and decided against tears. I caught a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror and marveled at how much I looked like my mother when she’s under duress. Pursed lips, creased forehead. Worried but determined eyes: Deal with this, move on. The Prius suffered the brunt of the damage, assuring me that the laws of the Universe are not entirely arbitrary. Its smashed front fender drooped dangerously low, and I could hear it make contact with the road a few times as the other driver and I drove to a nearby parking lot to exchange information. Thud, scrape, ouch. However, my car, Lucy, didn’t escape unscathed either. The offending car had punched in her front passenger door as easily as someone crushing a walnut. Already marred by a series of scratches and dents from previous minor accidents, she looked a little pathetic now, her once-shiny red paint no longer as smooth and lustrous. Still, she didn’t fall apart, did she? I admired her spirit, and for the second time that day, I reflected on my roots. Lucy has a dash of the Midwest in her, I thought proudly. We both knew it could be worse; at least I didn’t have to dig her out of a snowbank. Accidents happen even in paradise, I suppose.

Summer Song Challenge, Song #5 – I Won’t Fight

Well, it’s been a while! I took a little tumble in my kitchen that I’m thankfully almost fully healed from and then jetted off to Vermont for one of my best friend’s weddings. It’s GORGEOUS out there!

Since it’s my birthday on Monday, I thought I’d record one of MY songs for a change. ღ

Listen, leave comments, share if you like, and leave your requests… I have them all stored and may just surprise you one day. Xoxo.

Summer Song Challenge, Song #4 – Wise Up

Hey, everybody!

Here’s my cover of Aimee Mann’s “Wise Up,” made famous in the film Magnolia. It’s a request from my friend Sarah Scheinman. I recorded myself playing the background keys and then sang over that.

Listen, leave comments, share if you like, and leave your own requests!

Enjoy, and THANK YOU for your support! xo

Summer Song Challenge, Song #2 – If You Want Me To

Haaaaay, everyone!

Okay, today I decided to sing one of my favorite gospel songs. I’m more “spiritual” than “Christian,” but I find solace and meaning in religious music and am often drawn to it. This is an a cappella version of Ginny Owens’s “If You Want Me To.” I play it on the piano too, but because of pedal and recording issues, you’ll have to catch that live. 😉

Feedback welcome and appreciated! And don’t forget – tell me what to sing next!